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Interior House Painting

Are you looking for the best interior house painters in Melbourne? If so, The House Painters is your company!

When it comes to interior house painting, we can paint a single wall or room, if that’s all you’re after, or paint the entire inside of your property.

We handle every area of homes or other buildings, such as kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, offices, hallways, bedrooms, basements, attics, sunrooms, foyers, nurseries, windows, ceilings and the like.

Getting the Right Finish

We can paint the inside of any type of building, and any sized property, too. We also handle period restorations, feature walls, and special coatings as required.

To ensure an impeccable, high-gloss finish, we spend a lot of time on the preparation side of things. We do detailed sanding, and strip wall paper as needed, then adhere multiple coats of high-gloss enamel to the cleaned, fully-prepared surface.

This leads to a high-quality, high-gloss enamel finish that will last well and look like you’ve just walked into a brand new property. We use brushes, not just rollers and sprays, to get the perfect finish.

The painters from The House Painters do two coats of paint in most areas. A double coat is usually required to get the look you want, and to ensure long-term performance.

If you’re simply refreshing an existing colour, one coat of paint may be all that’s required. Most of the time, two coats are needed. This is the case when you are painting from scratch or putting a darker colour over an existing, lighter one.

If, on the other hand, you have chosen a light colour which will go over an existing darker shade, we will need to paint three coats, at a minimum. This is required to ensure the darker colour is fully covered.

Preparing for The House Painters to Arrive

Once your job is booked in, you don’t have to worry about doing lots of work to get your house ready for our arrival. All we ask clients to do to prepare for interior painting is to move the small knick-knack type of items in their homes or other spaces, and pictures, out of the way.

Don’t stress about trying to clear heavy, bulky furniture, though. Our house painters arrive at your property expecting to move furniture, switch plates, window treatments and more.

Note, too, that we ensure everything is back in place once we have finished our interior painting.

We Protect Your Belongings and Clean Up Daily

When we arrive to start your painting job, we will do everything required to protect your belongings. We will move your furniture out of the way and cover flooring in the areas we’re working on with canvas drop cloths.

In addition, we cover remaining items with new plastic sheeting. Door and window frames, power and data points, and light switches are also all covered so they don’t get paint on them.

After preparing surfaces carefully (we sand, strip, and fill in chips or uneven areas, and then re-sand and apply a base coat) we apply the final coats of paint.

Once you’re happy with the job, we clean up carefully. While we do a tidy up on a daily basis when we finish for the day, once the project is complete we do a thorough clean. When we’re done, apart from the fantastic new paint job, you won’t even believe we’ve been there!

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