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Exterior House Painting

The House Painters are experts in exterior painting. As exterior house painters who have completed hundreds of jobs over the years, we know how to get a property looking its best.

If it’s curb appeal you’re after, we can certainly help you out!

Quality Workmanship that Lasts

Priding ourselves on our workmanship and the quality of the paint we use, The House Painters provides a 5-year warranty against faulty workmanship.

As such, you can be sure that our exterior house painting will leave you with a finish that is long and durable. After all, there’s no point spending money on having your home or other building painted if it’s just going to peel within a year because of shoddy preparations or the use of cheap and nasty materials!

We take the time to do everything we need to in advance, in the preparation stages, so your paint job looks just as good in five years or ten as it does when we’ve just finished.

For example, we use electric, power sanding on exterior weatherboards and timber, and on decking, to ensure wood is free from flaking, weak, or rotten timber. This helps to create a nice clean, and solid, base from which we can begin the painting process.

All Types of Exterior Painting Projects

We handle all small and large exterior house painting projects.

We can paint standard property exterior walls, as well as wood, composite, vinyl and aluminium siding, fascia and eavestrough (the gutter beneath the edge of a roof), fences, rooves, stucco, decks, patios, railings and more.

The House Painters are exterior house painters who can also take care of issues such as graffiti, water damage and stain removal for you. Before you know it, the outside of your property will look as good as new!

We use special products for this work which are designed to eliminate such problems and repair surfaces back to their original condition.

We also can help with rust. If the outside of your property is showing signs of rust, we’ll take steps to remove it and ensure your exterior house painting work isn’t marred by any unsightly, and potentially problematic, rust issues.

We cure and remove rust. Through killing the rust, it turns black. From here, we wire brush the affected areas and then sand. This removes surface rust and means the site is ready for an oil-based undercoat.

All of our talented painting team at The House Painters experienced at this work, and will handle it with care.

When Should I Arrange Exterior Painting?

If you’ve wondering whether it’s time to call in exterior house painters, take a look at the condition of your property.

If you notice that your house is flaking, cracking, bubbling, or chipping in some or all areas, it’s time for a fresh coat of paint (and of course, essential preparation) to get it back to its best.

Similarly, it’s time to call in exterior painters if you notice your house has hardened caulking, or if the paint has faded.

If you’ve recently bought a brand new house that hasn’t been finished off, or that has had its exterior painted in a colour you don’t like, you should also speak with one of our team members.

The same goes for recent renovations, as after this kind of work you often need an exterior house paint to complete the overall look of the property.

No matter whether your building is new or old, we can help you to achieve the results you’re after. So Contact Us Today to start a free painting quote at your home today !